Adverse Effects Of Iodine Deficiency

The human body requires several hormones, vitamins, minerals, proteins etc. for proper functioning of the body. Deficiency in any of these elements can result in causing different types of ailments. Iodine is one such element that is required for the body to remain healthy. Since the body can’t produce iodine it relies on external food sources to accumulate the element. Iodine is found in the soil and seawater, which are natural resources of the element. Food containing iodine in it is cheese, eggs, saltwater fish, soy sauce, seaweed, iodized salt etc. Thyroid gland in the human body produces thyroid hormones with the help of iodine.  The inability to produce the hormones can cause several deficiencies like goiter, hypothyroidism, mental retardation etc. depending on the severity of the situation. Thyroid hormones are essential for the body to maintain proper functioning of the organs and to keep warm and energetic. Goiter affects the thyroid gland and causes it to grow abnormally.

Due to low iodine content in the body the thyroid gland wouldn’t be able to produce hormones but constant stimulation from the pituitary gland for producing hormones would result in enlargement of the thyroid. Physical examination can help diagnosing the condition since the swollen gland would be visible clearly. Thyroid function tests are done to identify the cause of the condition. Blood tests are done to check the presence of thyroid hormones. Treatment is given after checking the reports and understanding the cause of the condition. Potassium iodide supplementation is done if the person is deficient of iodine. Incase of hyperthyroidism radioactive iodine is prescribed as treatment, which helps in fading of the goiter. Cases when the goiter is formed even with normal levels of thyroid hormones surgical removal are advised. Regular check up is advised to patients who have been diagnosed with iodine deficiency.

Symptoms In Case Of Deficiency

When the thyroid gland swells due to low iodine content the patient suffers from difficulty in breathing and swallowing. The thyroid gland would cause hindrance in the normal functioning of the swallowing process. The patients would even experience a feeling of choking due to the enlargement of the gland. Pregnant women would experience serious problems with low iodine levels since it might cause miscarriage, stillbirth, retardation in newborn etc. Women are checked regularly for their thyroid hormones level as a precautionary measure. Various products are available in the market, which are rich in iodine sources. The Potassium iodine suppliers distribute the products in the market.

Additional Uses Of Iodine

Other than medical purposes iodine is used in several other industries. The element is combined with various other elements to produce new substances. They are used in film photography, disinfectants, beauty industry etc. Like human beings iodine is important even for animals and hence is used in food supplements given to them. Patients exposed to radiation poisoning are also treated with iodine products. Potassium iodide manufacturers can be contacted for purchase of large quantity of the element. The details of manufacturers would be available online. Identifying certified and trusted dealers is essential before making purchase.

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