An Introduction To Inorganic Salt Sodium Metaperiodate

Sodium metaperiodate is an inorganic salt. This is also a mild oxidant. The use of it is largely seen in conversion of cis-glycol. The two different forms are sodium metaperiodate and sodium periodate. The properties of this are that it looks like white crystals and it is soluble in water and soluble in acids too. The chemical formula of this is NAIO4 and its molecular mass is 213.8918g/mol. The density is 3.865g/cm3. The melting point of this is 300oc. One of the usages of it is seen in opening saccharidge rings. Some of its chemical properties include its melting point, boiling point. The basic information about the physical and chemical properties of it helps to understand the inorganic salt in a better way. This chemical is increasingly used these days. There are plenty of suppliers that are found in the market. You can check out the prices offered by the suppliers and make an ideal choice of the suppliers. Before choosing the supplier you can check out the reviews of the suppliers to get a brief idea about them.

Care And Precautions To Be Taken To Prevent Accidents And Hazards

Measures should be taken so that it does not come in contact with the skin and the eyes. While working with this a person should take precautions that it does not affect the eyes and the skin. The eyes should be washed and at least for fifteen minutes the upper lids and the lower lids of the eyes should be washed. The skin should also be washed immediately if in case comes in contact with the inorganic salt. This may cause irritation. Therefore a person has to note the changes and take medical aid accordingly. If required they should immediately consult the doctor and take first aid. One should also take proper steps to wash the clothes and the shoes so that they can reuse it next time while working.

In Case Of Ingestion And Inhalation Of Sodium Metaperiodate

The ingestion and inhalation of any chemical is harmful. If inhaled it could cause severe harm to the respiratory system. It is crucial to take effective measures and seek immediate advice from the doctor, if necessary. If ingestion of the inorganic salt occurs then immediately you should have two to four cups of milk. Ensure that you do not try to vomit. Furthermore, the milk or water should not be given to a person if they are in unconscious state. In such a scenario, it is better to take the person to the doctor. In case of inhalation also some of the effective measures should be taken. Firstly the person should be removed from the place and brought to fresh air. If the person finds difficulty in breathing then oxygen should be given and artificial respiration should be facilitated. Moreover medical attention is also essential. While working with chemicals and inorganic salts it is essential to understand the hazards and reactions, and understanding Sodium metaperiodate msds so that proper actions can be taken, if in case required.

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