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Chemical Properties And Features Of Iodoform

In the beginning of twentieth century Iodoform was used only in hospitals for the purpose of dressing the wounds and sterilizing operation theater articles. Later in this century people started using it as disinfectant and antiseptic for residential purposes also. There are few side effects of this compound so now gradually getting replaced by other better compounds. Still it is

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Important Aspects Of Iodoform

Iodoform is an organoiodine compound, its formula is CHI3. Its smell is referred as the smell of hospital, with a pale yellow color. It is a volatile essence that has penetrating odor in it.  Its taste is sweetish. That is commonly used as the disinfectant. The other name for iodoform is carbon triiodide, iodomethane and methyl triiodide. The properties of

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This article discusses the way triiodomethane (iodoform) impulse enable you to distinguish the particular existence of any CH3CH(OH) collection inside alcohols. You’ll find a couple apparently quite various blends connected with reagents that can be used to get this done impulse, yet usually are chemically comparative. iodoform, also known as triiodomethane, a yellowish, crystalline reliable belonging to the group of

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