Chemical Properties And Features Of Iodoform

In the beginning of twentieth century Iodoform was used only in hospitals for the purpose of dressing the wounds and sterilizing operation theater articles. Later in this century people started using it as disinfectant and antiseptic for residential purposes also. There are few side effects of this compound so now gradually getting replaced by other better compounds. Still it is in high demand in the market. It is essential to know about the chemical composition, chemical properties and features of this compound to understand the chemical reactions. It is a volatile, crystalline and pale yellow substance having the chemical formula “CHI3”. It is one of the organoiodine compounds with sweetish taste. The odor of the compound is better identified as the hospital smell. The smell in the dispensaries and hospitals is mainly due to the presence of this chemical compound.

It is identified in different names like methyl triiodide, carbon triiodide and tri-iodomethane. The names are due to the presence of three iodine molecules in the chemical formula of the compound. This wound dressing chemical causes burning sensation in the open wounds. Its CAS number is 75-47-8 and molecular weight is 393.73. It reaches its melting point between 119 and 122 degree Celsius. Purity of the substance is around 98%, which is comparatively better than other chemical compositions. The key features of this chemical compound are balanced composition, accurate composition, high purity and high effectiveness. It has longer shelf life if stored in cool and dry place. It is a skin friendly substance because it never cases any itching or irritation on the surface of the skin except that it burns on wounds. This is not the main concern because mostly all kinds of disinfectants and antiseptics causes burning sensation on open wounds. It is packed in various forms and requires simple but air tight packing to avoid reaction with air and sun light.

Export Demand For Iodoform

The export quality of iodoform is manufactured only by Iodoform exporter companies but, others supplying for local markets doesn’t follow the export quality norms. This is due to the export quality norms specified by the industries of other countries. The manufacturing and supply of this chemical compound has seen many ups and downs in the market still retained its value due to the utility in medical field. It is anti-exudative, hameostatic, bactericide and shows sedative action. It is incorporated by a substance known as calcium hydroxide, which provides radiopacity. It can be used on surgery knifes and syringes for cleaning before and after surgery. There are many exporters available in the market but, not all are advertising their products. It should be brought from the pure source as the application is in medical industry. It is good to search on the search engines before ordering the substance. This will help the person or the industry to analyze the right source and good price for the chemical compound. It is said that the powered form of iodoform is the purest one and it is available in the competitive price.

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