Effective Measures To Use Sodium Iodide Safely

Sodium iodide is also known as Ioduril and Soiodin.  Its formula is Na and its molecular weight is 149.88.  Sodium Iodide is a salt that appears to be in the form of crystals and its physical state is solid. The sodium iodide msds consist of its colour, weight, density and so on. It is odourless and tastes bitter and is saline and strong.  Its weight is 149.89 g/mole which are white in colour.  It decomposes when it comes to a boiling point.  Its melting point is 6510 C that is 1203.8.  It has a specific gravity which is 3.67.  Sodium Iodide has many dispersive properties.

The Chemical And Physical Properties Of Sodium Iodide

Sodium iodide is soluble in water, methanol and acetone.  The sodium iodide solubility varies from water to other liquids. It is also easily soluble in cold water, hot water and is partially soluble in methanol and acetone. Sodium iodide is a stable product. This product is highly reactive with metals, oxidizing agents and with acids. It’s another important property is that it is corrosive in nature.  It is highly corrosive in the presence of aluminium, zinc and copper.  In the presence of steel also it is corrosive.  It is non-corrosive in the presence of glass and stainless steel. It is important to get some information about is toxicity.  It affects human beings in various ways. When contacted to eyes, when a person inhales and on ingestion one is affected.  


General Information On Sodium Iodide

In animals acute oral toxicity is the most especially the mouse.  This substance is very much toxic to the nervous system and it can be very chronic to humans. In the case of ingestion and inhalation it can be very hazardous and in the case of skin contact it is slightly hazardous. As it is hazardous to health protective equipment is very important to be used.  When it is likely to be contacted it is advisable to use gloves, lab coat, dust respirator splash goggles.  It is necessary for one to use an approved and certified respirator or anything equivalent to that. It has to be stored in a cool place away from sunlight. The container in which sodium iodide solubility is kept should be closed tightly so that it is not exposed to direct sunlight and air.

Preparedness To Use Sodium Iodide

Sodium iodide is hazardous to health. It can cause damage to the target organs. The medical aid should be taken immediately. If ingestion occurs or inhalation occurs one should take immediate actions. This is also toxic to the nervous system. This can be slightly affecting the skin and can be irritating to the eyes. If contact with eyes or skin then it should be washed off immediately. And if irritation is found afterwards as well then medical advice should be taken. If you are looking for sodium iodide then you can check out some of the online stores and check out the reviews which would get detailed information on where to buy sodium iodide.

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