Find Out The Description Of Methyl Iodide

Commonly known chemical compound iodomethane is scientifically identified as Methyl Iodide and it is widely used as a pesticide in different parts of the world. It is abbreviated for convenience in day to day usage and recognition and the abbreviated name is “Mel”. The chemical compound has one carbon molecule, three hydrogen molecule and iodine molecule. It is written as “CH3l” in representing chemical reactions. The chemical properties of this chemical compound say that it is colorless, dense and volatile liquid. When methane is reacted with iodine, one atom of hydrogen gets replaced by one atom of iodine. It is naturally synthesized in paddy fields and acts as natural pesticide for the crop. The chemical reactions take place during different natural processes but, manufacturing is necessary to fulfill the large requirement for these useful chemicals. It is not possible to be dependent on the natural reactions to take place and to restrict the requirements only for natural production.

When iodine chemical is added to the mixture of methanol, methyl iodide is produced due to the endothermic reaction that takes place. There are other two ways to produce this chemical compound. It can be easily distilled from the mixture obtained from reaction provided the distillation operates are advanced in quality. It can be obtained from the reaction of aqueous hydrogen iodide and methanol. This chemical compound available in the form of liquid is stored in dark bottles to avoid reaction with sun light. When the liquid compound reacts with the natural light, it gives away one molecule of iodine resulting in degraded samples. This degraded compound is not as strong as fresh compound. In large plants, proper storage facility is maintained to produce in vast quantity and to export according to the assignment.

Popularity For Methyl Iodide Exporter

The main advantage of the liquid compound is its chemical nature to act as pesticide. It is proposed by the government to use as herbicide, nematicide, insecticide and fungicide. It is registered as pesticide in countries like Japan, US, New Zealand, Egypt, Mexico and Turkey. It is yet to get registered as pesticide in countries like Australia, Chile, South Africa, Costa Rica and Egypt. It is used as fumigant and it is drawing the concern of many countries. The approved countries are showing high demand for the compound. Demand is giving rise to extreme competition for the export of this chemical. Hence, a Methyl Iodide exporter is largely required to fulfill the demand.

There are many companies manufacturing and exporting the compound. Some companies manufacture the chemical and outsource the export division whereas some companies own both the departments. The companies involved in manufacturing and export of methyl iodide should have ISO 9001 certification. Only permitted and registered companies can initiate the manufacturing process. It’s a huge manufacturing plant with great budget. The companies having the manufacturing unit for methyl iodide also manufactures other chemicals like potassium iodide, sodium iodide and tri methyl sulphoxonium. The contact information about these manufacturing companies can be located with the help of search engines.

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