Nature and Chemical Properties of Zinc Compounds

Nature And Chemical Properties Of Zinc Compounds

A chemical compound is usually formed by the combination of two or more chemical elements in a fixed ratio. Zinc is a chemical element in the periodic table with a specific molecular formula (Zn) and own molecular weight. Chemical elements are combined to form new chemical compounds which are used for various purposes. The ratio of the presence of each element in a chemical compound is expressed by the chemical formula.

Zinc Iodide

Zinc Iodide

The Zinc Iodide is formed by the combination of two chemical elements zinc (Zn) and iodine (I). This is an anhydrous chemical compound which absorbs water from the atmosphere very quickly. This appears as a white solid in nature with a density of 4.74 g/cm cube. The chemical formula of the compound is ZnI2. Molecular mass of the zinc iodide compound is 319.22 g/mol. Melting point of this compound is 446 degrees Celsius. This compound is shows solubility in water of 450 g/ 100ml at the temperature of 20 degree Celsius.

It can be prepared in two ways; one is by direct reaction of zinc and iodine in refluxing ether and the other one is by the presence of aqueous solution with zinc and iodine. Boiling point of zinc iodide is 1,150 degree Celsius at which the compound is again decomposes into zinc and iodine by decomposition.

Structure And Applications Of Zinc Iodide

Zinc iodide has an unusual crystalline structure with a tetragonal shape. Zinc iodide molecule is linear with Zn-I bond length of 238 pm. It has the CAS number of 10139-47-6. CAS Registry number or CASRN is assigned by chemical abstract service (CAS) to every chemical substance for its easy identification and information.

It is used as an X-ray opaque penetrant to improve the contrast in industrial radiography. It is used as a stain in electron microscopy to view the microstructure in conjunction with osmium tetroxide. This was widely used in neurocytological studies for fixation and staining method. It is also used in tissue sample examination including of bone marrow cells, epidermal Langerhans cells, and lymphoid tissue for examinations over microscope. Zinc iodide and other zinc halogen forms are rechargeable in aqueous solution in both positive and negative electrode compartments.

Zinc Iodide Products

Zinc Iodide Products

Availability Of Zinc Iodide In Market

Many chemical manufacturers and suppliers are producing these chemical compounds in their production layout and are supplied to the chemical industry for their use. Omkar chemicals are the leading chemical industry known to produce many organic, inorganic and organo inorganic intermediates over many years.

Many Zinc Iodide suppliers are found in the market and omkar is supplying wide range of chemicals and zinc derivatives. International suppliers are available throughout the world for the supply of zinc iodide and its derivates at reasonable cost.

You can contact the Zinc Iodide manufacturers online and get the quotations through online itself. Simagchem Corporation in china, Jinan haohua industry co in china, pfaltz & Bauer in USA, Barentz NV of Belgium, CM Fine Chemicals of Switzerland are some of the leading Zinc Iodide producers of different countries. It is available in different strength which can be ordered at your needed strength from the chemical manufacturers.

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