Nature of Iodic Acid and its Uses in Various Purposes

Chemical Nature and Preparation of Iodine Compounds

Iodine is a chemical element in the periodic table which is named by its color. The meaning of iodine in Greek is violet or purple. It has a chemical symbol of I with the atomic number of 53. It is a trace element which is present in our diet to convert the food into energy.

Many chemical compounds can be formed by combination with iodine to form new chemicals with changes in their properties. The Iodic acid is a chemical compound produced by oxidizing iodine with strong oxidizers in the presence of water. Oxidizers used in production are nitric acid, chloric acid, chlorine or hydrogen peroxide.

Iodic acid 3D balls

Iodic acid 3D balls structurer

It is a strong acid obtained as off white or white solid in color. It shows very good solubility in water. Iodine present in the iodic acid is in the oxidation state of +5. Chemical formula of iodic acid is HIO3 which has a molecular mass of 175.91 g/mol.

Chemical abstract service (CAS) number of iodic acid is 7782-68-5. Melting point of this compound is 110 degree Celsius when heated to it melting point it dehydrates to iodine pentoxide. With subsequent heating of the compound to higher temperature it decomposes to give a mix of iodine, oxygen and lower oxides of iodine. It is a non-flammable substance which is not hazardous.

Properties of Iodic Acid and It Uses

It is a relatively strong acid with an acidity of 0.75. Iodine or iodide ion is the product of this compound when it is oxidized. At very low pH and high concentration of chloride ion it is reduced to iodine trichloride which is a yellow compound in solution. In the absence of chloride ions iodate is converted to iodine ion in excess amount of reluctant.

It is used as a standardizing agent to standardize the solutions of both weak and strong bases. It is a strong acid which is used in the analytical chemistry to do the titrations. It is used with methyl red or methyl orange to use as an indicator while performing titrations to carry out the reading.

It is used in the salt industry to synthesize sodium or potassium iodate salt. By the use of this iodic acid compound in the preparation of salt iodine content of the salt is increased.

Iodic Acid 2D Structure

Iodic Acid 2D Structure

Availability of Iodic Acid for Various Purposes

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