What is a Nature and Structure of Aqueous Solution of hydriodic acid?

Nature and Structure of Aqueous Solution of Hydriodic Acid

Chemical compounds are mixture of two or more chemical elements to give a compound of different chemical formula and properties. Hydrogen and iodine are the elements present in the periodic table of chemistry with their own molecular formula H and I2 with different atomic weight and characteristics.

Hydriodic Acid is a chemical compound with a molecular formula HI which is formed by the mixture of hydrogen and iodine under chemical conditions and it is also known as hydrogen iodide and hydroiodic acid. Hydrogen iodide is a gas whereas the aqueous solution of hydrogen iodide is hydriodic acid. Both are inter convertible into one another. Hydriodic acid is available as a yellow or colorless liquid with a pungent odor.

Molecular shape of this compound is terminus and the CASRN of this compound is 10034-85-2. Molecular mass of this compound is 127.904 g/mol. It is a diatomic molecule with strong acid nature. It is a colorless gas when reacted with oxygen, it gives water and iodine.

Synthesis Of Hydriodic Acid And Uses Of Hi

Iodine when reacted with hydrazine yields hydriodic acid along with nitrogen gas. This method is used in industries to yield this chemical compound. It can also be prepared by distilling from a solution of sodium iodide or other alkali iodide in the presence of phosphoric acid.

Another method is by bubbling of hydrogen sulfide steam to an aqueous solution o iodine also forms this hydriodic acid with elemental sulfur which is distilled. To obtain sample of this compound with high purity, simple combination of hydrogen and iodine is done. Laboratory method of preparation of compound is done by addition of iodine, phosphorus and water which yields phosphorus triodide which is the further reacts with water forms HI and phosphorus acid.

It is a strong and highly corrosive solid which is a powerful reducing agent. It has used in many chemical based applications by its own properties. It acts as a catalyst which accelerates many chemical reactions. It is also used to produce acetic acid to produce the chemical vinegar. It acts as a disinfectant by the high level of acidity and also used as a sanitizer.

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Chemical Industries in the Production and Distribution of Hi

Many international manufacturers and suppliers are available in the chemical industry for the HI. Hydriodic Acid suppliers are listed as 18 all over the world. They are from china, USA, Switzerland, and Germany. Chemical industries manufacture and supply many parts of the world where the chemical compound is needed. HI varies in their strength and purity depending upon the purpose for which it is used. By the use of CAS number available for the compound you can register Hydriodic Acid manufacturers within the online.

Buyers guide chem site is available online which guides the buyers of this HI with the right Hydriodic Acid producers. Buyers can refine their search by entering the CAS number and molecular formula details to get order of the right product. CM fine chemicals of Switzerland, finetech industry limited of china, BKM resources of USA are some of the suppliers of HI.

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